Journal of Contemporary Painting


Rebecca Fortnum, Mick Finch, Beth HarlandJCP cover image and Dan Sturgis.

Issue 1.1: Painting and Cinema

edited by Mick Finch and Beth Harland,id=239/

Lydia Dona, From Heat to Sub-zero, 2008

Lydia Dona, From Heat to Sub-zero, 2008

Launch event: ICA, London, November 2014

Painting and Cinema Panel discussion

Speakers: Lydia Dona, Kaye Donachie, Dan Hays and Mario Rossi

Chair: Beth Harland


Issue 4.1: Painting and Time

edited by Beth Harland and David Ryan,id=3371/

Launch event: Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, October 2017

Speakers: Laura Lisbon, David Thomas, Ian Woo

Chair: David Ryan